I can’t believe my son is 1 month old already….

Okay… so I realized I am NEVER on Tumblr anymore.  I’ve been meaning to post up my blog posts from my blogger on Tumblr.  Then I made a separate Tumblr and all hell broke loose and I was too lazy to try and do more than one thing.  Then the baby came and got WAY crazy… Then I didn’t have time to post on multiple things and blarg… So I’ll just post all my crap here… if I remember… but for those that want to keep up to date with my blog… you can subscribe to it via email or whatever you want from the website if anyone cares to read them. haha. 

TLDR: I am now a DAD! If you want you can read this.  I’ll try and post more often.


Finally a new blog post.

Sharing my latest blog post.  Thanks!!

Anonymous: hey dude, saw your post op pics, just wondering if u had any weight gain or loss from the first photo u posted to the most recent....I lost 20 lbs after surgery (also went to Dr G) and my chest doesn't look as good as it did before I lost weight
I don’t think I really had much weight gain or loss.  The first pic which was my chest reveal and the last pic I took was 5 or 6 months post op, I think I weighed about the same.  Later I did lose probably about 10 maybe 15 pounds within the past year.  Maybe in a few days I will take a new picture of my chest.


New blog post…


Well I haven’t had a lot to write about the past couple of days but today,
there were a couple of things I noticed that got me really excited for when Grayson arrives.

The wife and I had to go to Target to grab a few things. As we strolled
around the store we were walking past the toys…


So I’ve only posted a few times and realized that I never did a
REAL “introduction” post. I guess this will be it.

My name is Marc and I was born female. I’m 33 years old, and my wife and I
have been married since September 2006. We’ve talked about starting a
family when we got married….

Another blog entry. If you haven’t done so yet and are interested in my blog about my journey as a transdad, please follow my other blog. :) thanks! fatherhood-redefined


So the wife and I spent a good hunk of the weekend getting more things set
up in G’s room. We unpacked the huge duffle bag of baby clothes my mom sent
us home with when we visited them in Florida the other week. I put up a
cute wall decal in his room and it turned out wonderful! Things are…

New entry in the blog I’ve started.

The heck!?

Not sure what happened but somehow all the people I normally follow here…disappeared. So I just had to refollow a bunch of people and I probably missed some. Bah!

It’s probably cause I never use this anymore :/
Where the heck have I been?!?!

So I know I don’t really post to Tumblr that much.  And for those that don’t know about things that are happening in my life I’d like to announce that I am going to be a dad!  My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for a long time and we finally did it.  She is due in August!  So, with that said, I’ve decided to start blogging about life being a first time dad, but also dealing with being a transgender parent.  And my slightly different view on fatherhood.

I just started the blog and its connected to a new tumblr as well.  Would appreciate on spreading the word and a follow.  Thanks!


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